12th of September: UCAS Application

Today was our first Monday back. We found out that Mondays will mostly be used focusing on our UCAS applications. So we spend the day making a UCAS account. After we made our accounts we were asked to fill out anything that we could at the moment. So I did that and then started looking at different university courses that I wanted to do. I mainly did some research on Film and TV production because personally I want to do a course that has a lot of practical work. I completely understand that written work is unavoidable, and it’s a huge part of the industry I want to get into, but I feel that my practical skills need a lot of improvement and I’d like to improve it as much as I can in university.


19th of September: Reading about courses

Today I looked at the different courses I could do. Media is a huge industry and there’s so many different courses that I could do so I wanted to see all the options I had before making a decision. I already knew I wanted to do film and TV production, but I wanted to see my options before really starting to look at the different Film and TV courses. I realised that the main reason I wanted to do Film and TV was because when looking at the specs of the course I realised that these courses are designed to teach you all kinds of skills and doesn’t only focus on for example filming or editing. I wanted to learn everything from pre production to post production. I realised that this was the best course for me to do. So I started looking for all the universities that offered it, and read about the course.


26th of September: Researching Universities

For the past week when I wasn’t focusing or thinking about the documentary I had to plan and make, I researched different universities trying to see when the open times were for the once I was interested in. After doing a lot of research on the universities I realised I wanted to stay in London to study. A lot of the universities outside of London look good, but i realised when reading reviews about the course I was interested in, the main complaint was finding a job after or communicating from the University to London in order to get work experience. Staying in London will make it easier for me to find jobs and communicating from the university to the job, so I decided to look for Universities that was close to London and that seemed good, it made it really hard because the course I want to do isn’t offered in every University. So finding one that offered a course I wanted to do and have the facilities I need became harder.

3rd of october: Working on my personal statement

Today I started my personal statement. I knew that the deadline for UCAS was November 8th, so I wanted to start working on it now, so I can ask my teachers to look over it a couple of times until I’ve gotten it right. I spent most of this day looking at other students personal statements who applied for film, to get an idea of what is important for me to include in the statement, and what isn’t.


5th of october: First draft done

Today I worked on my personal statement and was able to get the first draft done. I knew I wasn’t completely happy with it when I read it, but I decided to email it to my teacher because he said he’ll look over it and give me feedback for it. I also emailed it to a friend of mine who is currently in university who said she was willing to help me out with it by reading through it and suggesting any improvements, I thought getting 2 opinions, one from a teacher and one from a student who is currently in university would be good to improve it later.


7th of October – Getting feedback

Today I got feedback from my teacher on my personal statement. There was a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes I had to change but he also believed I should change my opening statement to something that’ll grab the reader’s attention more. Below are the improvements I was asked to make.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.14.19.png

I did all the improvements and started working on it again, I still have to add my qualifications to my personal statement. I’ll start working on this tomorrow because for the rest of the lesson I want to focus on my project.


11th Of October: Finding my Qualifications

Today I focused on adding all of my qualifications to UCAS. I had spent the weekend looking for all my certificates to bring with me to college. I wasn’t able to find all of them so I got what I found and added them to UCAS. I was only missing my ICT and health and social care certificates. I must have misplaced them somewhere but I will go home and look for them again when I get home because I don’t want to add any information I’m not sure of. I added all my GCSE grades.


14th Of October: Adding my grades

Today I added my ICT and health and social care certificates to my UCAS. I turns out I never picked up my certificates after 6th form, I went to my old 6th form to see if they had them because I couldn’t find them anywhere and it turned out that they had them. I picked them up thursday and took them with me to college today. I was able to put up all my grades today so I will focus on improving my personal statement.


19th of October: Improving personal statement

Today I improved my personal statement and I’m finally happy with it. I sent it off to my teacher to get improvements. Below is my final Personal statement.Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.21.17.png


November 8th: Sending off my application

The final 5 universities I applied to were Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Kingston, UAL, and Westminster university. All film courses. My main choice is to go to Middlesex or Westminster, but of course I have to wait for all 5 choices to get back to me before I can make a decision.


February 2nd: Hearing back from my universities

I’ve now heard back from all 5 universities and I got offered a place in Hertfordshire and Kingston. Middlesex would like me to come in for an interview and UAL and Westminster would like to me to submit some work for them to review and will then contact me if they want an interview.

Interview experience:

The Middlesex interview wasn’t what I expected. The interview was a group interview instead of one on one. We were put into groups and were given images to put together to make a story. It was a lot less stressful than I thought it would be and I liked how the teachers explained the course to us and explained what type of work we’ll be doing if we do get offered a place.

My final choices:

I chose to have Middlesex as my firm choice and Hertfordshire as my insurance. The reason I chose Middlesex as my firm is because I really liked what the course has to offer. Furthermore I saw the facilities they have for media students and most of their equipment is up to date. The reason I chose Hertfordshire as my insurance is mostly because of what other students had to say about the university. I’ve looked at what students think of the film course there and the university in general and the reviews were good compared to the other universities.






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