Working on our invitation

20th Of January:

As part of our documentary, we had to create an invitation to send out to people to attend the screening of it. In order to do so I created a mood board to get an idea of what I could do to create the invitation. It also helped me create a specific mood and look to help me get an idea of what I wanted final invitation to look like.

syria pres.pngAfter this me and the rest of my class sat down into one big group to have a discussion to get different ideas for our different invitations. I wrote down the different words and ideas that came to their head when seeing my moodboard so I can go back to it to decide on one final idea.


27th of January:

Today I thought of what I wanted my invitation to be. I decided to draw out an idea I had where a bulls horns was poking through the syrian flag. Below is my drawing:


After that I decided to stick to it and start creating it. I used to laser cutter to cut out the bull. Below is what I cut out.




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