Research and Referencing Skills

One of the skills I really developed doing this project is research and referencing skills. Before this project, I had done research for other projects I’ve worked on, but not to this extent. This project really challenged me and my research skills because I knew that research would be extremely important for this documentary. I knew I needed to be well informed on Syria, and all the events that has happened there and around the world that has affected the war and made it what it is today. Furthermore it’s important to know all the facts and different views because that’s what was going to help me form an informed opinion, which will help me try and form a documentary that is informative, factual and unbiased.

Whilst doing the research for this project I took this opportunity to improve my referencing skills as well. In the past I’ve often forgotten to note down where I’ve gotten information from. I’ve now learned to always note down where I’ve gotten my information from wether it’s a link, book or newspaper. It’s important to allow a reader to track down the sources I’ve used, so I’ve now made it a habit for myself to cite what I need to.


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