Editing/Photoshop Skills

Editing skills for this project has been extremely important and also has improved a lot because of this project. I of course used basic skills like cutting a clip and putting them together, but this project really helped me improve my animation skills. Animation was a huge part of this project, and it’s what made me question doing it in the first place because I knew I didn’t know much about animation so if I wanted to do this project, I would have to learn that. Once I had all the research and script done, and my peer had produced all the content we needed for the animation, I started to edit. At first it was extremely hard, because I wasn’t used to it, but once I got a grip of how I wanted everything to transition i and out of the screen, it became easier. Usually for transitions, i’d use the transitions adobe premier already had, but this time I learned how to use the motion tool in premier to make the transition work how I wanted it too.

Other skill I improved a lot on is sound. Trying to mix the sound together with the voiceover and other sound effects was really hard. It was hard to make it all work together whilst still having the voiceover clear for the audience to hear, but I improved a lot on this by experimenting with sound in premier and learning new techniques in making certain sound fade out whilst another fades in, and making the voiceover louder than the music in the background, and then having it all balance out in the end so it’s not too loud in one part of the video, or too low in another part of the video.

When it comes to my photoshop skills I didn’t improve a lot because my peer was the one who mostly produced the content. I did edit a few things but using very basic skills, I’m hoping my next project will allow me to improve these skills in the future.



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