For this unit, I got to do 4 different projects. I got to to a project for the Katie Piper foundation called Inner Beauty Embrace. I worked for the magazine for Stanmore college. I filmed a video for the science department called ‘Spectroscopy in a suitcase’, and I got to edit together a video for a charity to build schools in the Himalayas.

Inner Beauty Embrace

My first brief (Inner Beauty Embrace) was a project where me and another student were asked to edit together these interviews of 12 individuals who do not allow their scars, burns or visual impairment limit their confidence. The interviews were of them talking about what they’ve gone through, how it happened to them and how they’re able to feel confident regardless.

Our target audience was the people who were attending the event these videos were going to be displayed in. The event was to raise money and awareness for the Katie piper foundation, we talked to Mani (the organiser) who helped us get an idea of the audience to help us with the videos. It was very clear from the start what Mani wanted as she gave us a template on how she wanted the videos to be. She did say to feel free to get creative with them if we felt like something would work well, but overall she did have a specific idea in her head and we tried to stick to it and improve it a bit. We did multiple version and sent it to her to see if she had any feedback. One of the versions we did was the interviews all had bloopers in the end, she liked it but didn’t feel it was appropriate for the event, so we ended up just getting rid of the blooper parts and she really liked the final versions of that. After that we just continued to edit the rest of the videos using the final one we sent to Mani as a template.

One problem we had was the amount of time we had. Due to our busy schedules and Mani’s busy schedule it took a some time to get back to each other through emails, and once we figured out what Mani wanted, we only had 5 days to edit the rest of the videos, and we weren’t allowed to edit the videos in our lessons (except our Wednesday lessons) so we had to edit the videos in our own time, and we would have worked on it at home, but we don’t have the editing software we needed to edit it at home, so it was very hard to find time to get it done. We edited a lot of it on the actual day of the event thanks to Mani being able to bring a laptop which had the programs we needed. One video didn’t play due to a mistake, but Mani understood and was still really happy with the videos. She really liked it and seeing the audience reaction to the videos was really great and they all seem to love it.

The developed a lot of editing skills thanks to this project. I was still getting used to Premier Pro at this stage, but this project really helped develop my skills, and I now feel really confident using Premier Pro to edit videos.

Stanmore College Magazine

For this brief me and my group had to design a magazine for the college. Our target audience was Stanmore college students. Those were the people we were asked to aim this magazine for. We spent many weeks trying to figure out what to put into the magazine. We had to think about the fact that the students here have many different interests, so it’s really hard to make a magazine that everyone will find something in to enjoy.

After looking at last year’s magazine, one of the problems we identified was it was too much. There was so much in it and it was very messy, so our goal was for the magazine to be short and simple, which is why we have to really think about what we want to put in the magazine trying to get as big of an audience as we can get. After a lot of debating and sending out a questionnaire to find out what people wanted to see, we decided on what we wanted in the magazine.

First we went around the group to see if anyone wanted to be in charge of a specific section of the magazine, I really wanted to do the movie/tv show section of the magazine so I got to do that. I was able to get this section done very early on in the group, after I had done it I was asked to work on other projects, so I haven’t been able to get any feedback on how the magazine turned out and if people liked it. I did learn a couple of new skills on photoshop doing this brief trying to edit together the page.

 Spectroscopy in a suitcase

This project was very last minute. Me and a classmate only got the brief on the day we had to go and film it so it was a bit rushed but we were able to get it done. We were asked to go to a class and film what was going on there. University students came in to give a introduction to Spectroscopy and give them an idea of what they would learn in university. We filmed the students interacting with the university students and using all the equipment they had bought with them to show them. After that we had to edit together the clips.

We weren’t sure what exactly they wanted us to edit together. All we were told was to edit together a video that shows what was happening that day. So we did that, and then we were given some information that they wanted to come up on the video, so we added that and gave in the final version. We haven’t gotten any feedback for that project yet.

I did got to learn on my filming skills for this project for the first time in a while. My other projects have solely been editing and not filming, so it was refreshing to get a project where I actually got to film something. I wish I was notified earlier of the project and given more time to prepare, but I was very happy with the final edit.

Himalayas Charity

For this project we were asked to edit together a video for a charity to raise awareness for it. Our target audience is very broad. The aim is to raise awareness to anyone who sees it. The organisers of the charity wanted the video to be hopeful. They sent us a lot of clips they had filmed over there, so we had to work with that. We made a lot of different edits to give them an idea of the video and so they could tell us if there’s anything they liked and anything they didn’t like.


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