18th of January – Editing charity video

Due to how busy I’ve been for the past couple of weeks it’s been hard to figure out a time to sit down and edit together the charity video. This lesson finally gave me the time to sit down and figure out what I had to get done. Me and another student decided to go to the mac room and look through the footage again to get an idea of what we could put together. We know from the client that they wanted a video that was uplifting and hopeful, they didn’t want something sad. So we first started looking for some music that would fit the mood they were going for.

After that we started editing together the video. We got rid of the clips that we knew we wouldn’t be able to use, and made sure to use a specific clip of the kids singing as that was one of the key clips our client wanted in the video. Once we edited this together, we made a version with music and one without music to send back to our client for them to see it and tell us if they liked the music or if they wanted any changes done.


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