Filming for Spectroscopy in a Suitcase – 7th of December

Today was my first day back into this lesson because I missed the last 2 Wednesdays because I was sick. I found out I had missed a workshop where the class got to edit some footage they all were given. Once my peers updated me on what I had missed we were asked to get into our groups and have a group meeting so everyone has an update on where everyone is. My group was the magazine group. Me and a classmate of mine were done with our section of the magazine, so we were asked to go and film a science lesson that was going on where students from a university had come in to teach students about NMR. We were asked to be there at 10:30. Me and my classmate left at 9:50 to go and speak to the person who asked us to do this to get an idea of what they wanted, we went to the science department, talked to him and he just wanted us to film what was going on without disturbing the class, so went to get equipment from the media department (A camera and a tripod, we were going to get a mic for the interviews, but we were asked not to disturb the students so we decided not to). We got there a bit early but the class had started half an hour ago so we missed the introduction, we assumed there must have been a mistake in the email because it also ended up being in a different room. We just got started filming as soon as we got there trying to get all kinds of shots. We were hoping to get at least 1 interview but everyone was busy so we just filmed. We found out that after the session we were filming a different class was coming, so we decided to stay and wait for the next class to come so we could film the introduction for the session. Once that was done, we packed up our equipment, went to put it on a hard drive, looked over the footage we had and decided to work on it the next day.


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