14th Of December – Finished Editing.

The editing throughout the week went pretty well. I started editing last Thursday and Friday, I worked on it on my own because my classmate wasn’t in and I didn’t want to waste any time. I first went through the clips again cutting out and deleting anything I knew I didn’t want to use. I then went to a website called Epidemicsound.com because I wanted to find music that would fit the vibe of the video I was going for. I like having the music before starting to edit because working along with the music makes it much better for me. Once I found the music I wanted, I started editing. I was able to do a lot when it came to putting clips together, but I had to work on the rest the next day as I ran out of time and I couldn’t work on it during lesson.

On Friday during my free time I started working on it again. Again my classmate wasn’t in in the beginning so I just went on with it. I was able to finish everything by the end and my classmate came later on, watched it and liked it. We asked a teacher to come and look at the final video to tell us if anything was missing and he told us that he had to email the science department to find out if there’s any specific information we had to include in the video. We had to wait and find out what they wanted on the Monday back.

On the Monday back our teacher gave us the email with the information they wanted us to put into the video. Below is a screenshot of the information they wanted us to add to the video (we were asked to summarise it as much as possible). Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 14.00.42.png

We added the text to different clips and made sure the timing was right so the text didn’t go by too quick for people to read it. Once we did this we went over it again with our teacher, who was happy with it. So we saved it and made sure it was on our hard drive so we could give it in Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 13.41.48.png

Today we gave the video to the science department, and got a new project to do. They were very happy with the final edit as it had everything they wanted to be in the video. After we gave them the video I got a new project to do. We were asked to edit together a video for a charity called Himalayan Relief who’s aim is to help people in need in the Himalayan villages of India. We spent the lesson looking through the footage we were given and looked at other charity videos to get an idea on how we should edit it together.





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