Writing a Documentary Script

We were asked to write a simple script to sort of get an idea of what our documentary will be like. Below is the work we did on a worksheet we were given which I typed up here on WordPress.

CHARACTER – who are the people in your documentary? Why are they interesting?

The people in our documentary will be me, my family members in Syria, hopefully we’ll be able to get some professionals. For example we’ll try and get people from charities that support Syria, or maybe someone who’s opposed to Syrian refugees coming here. We’ll also try and do Vox Pops to get the general public’s opinion on it. The reason it’s interesting to get my family’s point of view is because they live in Syria. They hear the bombs going off around them everyday and therefore having their view on things and maybe comparing it to the views of people in the UK will be interesting.

CONFLICT – What is the central argument of your documentary? What are the opposing views?

There isn’t really an argument; it’s more to inform people of my family’s story, and show how people in Syria feel about it. I think I probably will be biased and argue that refugees should be able to come here, but I will try and find someone who opposes that view and show their side of the argument.

CHANGE – What are you hoping to achieve? How will you change people?

I’m hoping to bring awareness to what’s happening in Syria and give people reliable facts. I want to show people how much the situation has affected people in Syria and people from all around the world.

Fade from black to sudden video of bombings happening in Syria.

Fade to black with subtitles of the phone call interview (if possible getting it)

The audio of the clips, and very slow music.

Phone call audio of people talking about Syria.

(Dark and sad music will be playing in the background)

Title appears (Title is unknown)

Interviews asking people what they know about Syria. Fast passing showing peoples lack of knowledge of Syria.

Continued voice from phone call.

Interview audio.

News clips talking about Syria in fast motion, overlapping creating an overwhelming atmosphere.

Animation explaining how Syria is what it is today.

Add clips where relevant in the animation. For example when talking about protests in 2010/2011, clips of the protests will come up.

News anchors talking.
Voiceover describing what happened/happening in Syria.

Audio from the clips.

Home videos/pictures of Israa’s Family. Sound from the clips. Music that suits the atmosphere and a voiceover talking about Syria.
Other Interviews. The public’s opinion, people from countries that border Syria asking them questions like ‘How has it affected you?’ The interview audio.

This is what we’ve done so far. It still needs work and we’ll be improving it as we’re doing our research.


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