Deciding on a Documentary idea

Figuring out what I wanted to focus on was really hard. I kept changing my mind because I think I become a little bit overwhelmed with ideas. I’d think of an idea, like it, try and make a small plan figuring out what I’d have to do in order to create and realise it’d be a lot of work. Eventually I decided to focus on Syria. I know it’s a difficult subject to do and I need to do a lot of research, but it’s something I’m extremely passionate about and something I’m really motivated to do and do it right. I explored so many different ideas about Syria and what I should focus on and I’ve decided to make an informative documentary on how Syria came to be what it is today. I want to talk about how the civil war started, what different groups play into it and how we can help. I will also try and interview my family in Syria and the public in here London to get some opinions and understand what the majority of people’s knowledge about Syria is here. I will also try and get in contact with professionals like different charities that support Syria and have some questions prepared for them about the situation.


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