Friday 16th of September – Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Today we had to look at Ethos, Pathos and Logos. We got homework last week to do some research on this, and in this lesson we had to write down the meanings of them and what words we associate with them.

Ethos: Is ethics. It’s a way of convincing someone of their character by using credibility. An example could be “As a doctor, I’m qualified to tell you this is the best treatment”.

Pathos: Is an Appeal to emotion. It’s a way of convincing the audience of an argument by trying to convince them using an emotional response. An example could be “We can’t do this, we might die!.”

Logos: Is Logic, it’s a way of persuading an audience by reason. An example of this could be “Statistics shows that the costumers mostly buy this product.”

These are the words me and my group came up with.

We started with Ethos and thought of ethics. When we thought of ethics the first thing that came to mind was good and bad, hero and villain, beliefs and so on. Every time we said a word, we’d say the next word we immediately thought of and wrote it down. We then wrote down the objects and colours that came to mind with the words on the back. We then did Pathos, the word we started off with was emotions, and from that we went from Happiness to sadness, and went on from there. Lastly we did logos. We started with the word ‘Logic’ and went on from there. We thought of common sense, statistics and then again, tried to associate colours and objects with the words.


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