7th of September: Brands

In today’s lesson we were all in the main hall and we were put into groups. Once we were put into groups we got a piece of paper and a pen and were asked to guess the name of the logos they put up on the board. We tried to figure out how many of us immediately knew what brand it was just by seeing a logo. Later we find out the reason for this exercise was to prepare us to make a logo later on the week for Stanmore College’s Media department. After that we got given paper and were asked to write down the different roles of people in a company. Below is a picture of the roles we thought of.

We then got asked to look at the school’s magazine and write down our opinion of it and what we think could have been improved. On the sheet we got asked what we thought of the magazine, and I wrote that I thought the layout was boring and the content was okay, but too long. We then got asked what we’d do differently, and I wrote I’d change the layout, The layout (the front of the magazine specifically) was very plain and boring. It isn’t eye-catching enough for someone to see and get a good impression of. Furthermore as I said, the content was very long and boring. Having a few articles in there is okay, but keeping it short, simple and relevant would have made it a lot more easier to read and not feel like there’s too much to focus on.


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