5th of October: Back in my group

Today I went back into my normal group and I caught up with what they’ve done so far. We’re making a magazine which I found out 2 weeks ago but I didn’t know what they’ve planned so far. I was told that they had a small idea on what they wanted in the magazine, but they  were still trying to decide on how long the magazine should be and how much each section that we’re planning on adding to it should have, as in should the person focusing on gaming have 2 pages or 1? I suggested I’d focus on TV Shows/Movies because that’s my main interest. I suggested we’d all make a draft of the different things we want to focus on and come back next week and see what we all like as a group and what we don’t like. We agreed and I started planning my pages for movies/tv shows. I’m still not sure what I want to talk about but so far my ideas is maybe TV Shows/Movies of the week, or maybe an review on a movie/tv show. My group also informed me that they sent out a questionnaire to find out what people are looking for.


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