4th of November – Research for Film Production

Over time we’ve done a lot of work with Damon that has helped us develop skills to create film posters. One of the first exercises we did was using props to take 3 different pictures and try and make a poster out of it using Pathos, Ethos and Logos. Doing this helped us try and create metaphors for a movie idea that we had in our head. I thought the exercise was fun I just wished we had more props to work with.


Another exercise we did was creating a scene based on a script using limited resources. We got a script of one small scene and we had to use the resources we were given to make a scene out of it. We then had to take pictures of the set up we had and make a poster of it. I also liked this exercise because we got to use our imagination and come up with something ourselves.

The last exercise we did was lettering. We had to convey a message through typography and hand lettering. Each pair was given a poster that we had to use to associate different nouns and verbs for. Once we came up with nouns and verbs we had to create a title for a poster we wanted to make using any picture we wanted, wether it’s taking it ourselves or getting it from the internet.

All of these different exercises has helped gain new knowledge and skills to help me create a poster for my own projects.


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