30th of September:

Today we got given a script for a scene which we were asked to read and analyse by answering the questions we were given. We were supposed to analyse it with a view that we will be using the analysis we get out of the script to design a scene for it using limited material. Below is the scene we got.

The questions we were asked which we used to help us analyse the script was:

Is the creature alone? I said no, I think someone is watching the creature.

What should the audience’s experience be during this scene? I said it’s curious, it wants to know what it is happening, who or what it is.

What do you think the environment is like? Is it large or small? What sort of shapes come to mind? I said I think it’s a large factory like room or an old castle.

Do any colours or textures come to mind? I said darkness comes to mind (I gathered from reading the scene that it was viewed from the creatures point of view)

Where does the light come from? I said the light comes from when the creature opens it’s eyes. It must be coming from some poorly lit room I assume that he’s in.

After we answered the questions we got limited material and were asked to make a setting inspired from the analysis we made. Using the words we associated with the script to make the setting. We got put into pairs and were told to start working on it, the material we got was:

-A cup

-Wooden skewers

-Toot pics

-Aluminum foil


-A piece of black paper

-A piece of cardboard


Below is the setting we came up with:

After we came up with the setting we were asked to find a character we wanted to add to it. I suggested we’d get a Frankenstein character because he was what I thought of when I read the scene. Once we got our character we were asked to place it at the scene and take a picture of it. Below is our final picture:

After we took our images we were asked to edit it using the analysis we made answering the questions about the scene. Below is what I came up with.

Because of the colours I associated with the picture (Darkness, poorly lit room) I tried to darken the image a little bit to fit that description. I tried to make it look like the room I imagined as much as possible. The reason for my title is because I analysed that the script was from the persons point of view. So I thought it would be an appropriate title. I asked if there was any improvements I needed to do on my final edit and I was told that it would have been more interesting if I added a tagline. Besides that they liked the way it came out.


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