2nd Of October: Inner Beauty Embraced Event

Today was the day of the Inner Beauty Embraced Event supporting the Katie Piper Foundation afternoon Tea Party. The day before this event Zahra was exporting the footage. We weren’t able to finish editing on Friday, so because I didn’t have a adobe premier  to work on at home, Zahra had to take the footage home and edit on it on her own. The videos were exported in .MP4 format and on the day we came across something unfortunate, we had planned on editing the rest of the videos on the day and were sure we’d have it done long before the actual event started, but turns out the footage that Mani gave us was .mov file which is a format special to Apple devices. This file wouldn’t open up on the Zahra’s laptop, we tried to solve this problem by converting the file but we couldn’t find anything that worked.

After realising we couldn’t convert the files we decided to just start from scratch and edit the videos that hadn’t been done on the day. Before editing we helped organising goody bags and after that we started editing. We were a bit stressed out because we wanted to make sure the videos were done on time and we really didn’t want to let Mani down. Luckily we were able to finish after an hour editing about the 4 videos we didn’t have done, and were able to present it to everyone.
After that we were able to relax and enjoy our time with everyone. We helped with anything we could and made sure everyone was having fun. At the end we gave out the goodie bags we organised and said goodbye to everyone. We then cleaned up, said goodbye to Mani and thanked her for giving us this opportunity. Here are some pictures from the event:

The feedback we got back from Mani was really great. She really loved the final version of the videos. She thinks the audience responded to it really well and the purpose of them worked perfectly. It gave the audience and insight to all the different people that were modelling on that day so she was happy with the outcome. Being able to work with Mani really helped with how the videos came out. It was good to have someone who knew the audience better than we did to tell us what it is she and the audience would like to see, it really helped when editing and it’s why the videos turned out to be great and worked really well.


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