28th of September: Editing Inner Beauty Embrace videos  

In today’s lesson we got asked to work on a blogs for a little while and then we were able to go to the mac room and work on the editing of the project we got last week. We spent our first lesson on our blogs, updating what we needed, and then by the second lesson we went to the mac room to edit the videos. At this time we were already half way through editing and had already sent a video we had finished so see if she liked it and if she wanted any changes.

Me and my peer were halfway through editing the videos by this time. We had worked a lot on the videos on our own time during breaks and whenever we didn’t have a lesson. By the end of the day we were able to sent to Mani a video to see how she liked it. She sent us a message and told us she loved the videos but there was on thing she wanted us to change. We had added bloopers to the videos because we thought it added humour to it, but Mani wanted the videos to be less humorous and more serious, but the rest was perfect. So we immediately started working on getting rid of the blooper part of the videos and make it work. We would continue doing this on Thursday and Friday.


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