23rd of September: Editing

Today we started editing the pictures we took. We were told to try and edit a movie poster using the pictures we took. We should try and make a poster for Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Using the words, colours, objects we came up with last week. Below are the pictures I edited. I found it really hard trying to associate the words with the pictures.

Pictures After editing:

I tried to make the first image Ethos, the second picture Logos, and the third picture Pathos. I think the first edit I did kind of shows ethos. The title I put on the picture ‘The Art of deception’ immediately gives an idea of someone who is deceitful. Which shows the persons ethics. It gives off a bad vibe of someone’s character. After finishing this edit I asked my group for improvements. Some of the improvements I got was to add some colour to the picture. All I did was add a title and it was very boring and not eye catching. By adding some colour or maybe changing the colour of the text would have made it more interesting. I also asked the class to guess what I associated with the picture and they all guessed Ethos, so it worked out, but could have been a lot better.

I tried to associate logos with the second picture. I thought with the props I used in this pictures and the words I used, the audience would think that this poster is for a movie that’s thought provoking and uses a lot of logic. It could also be Pathos as it might invoke fear to the audience. When I showed this to my group they really liked the picture. They thought it was very eye catching and they said it told some kind of story. However with this picture when I asked them to guess what I tried to associate it with not all of them guessed Logos. Some did and when I asked them what made them think that they said my choice of words gave them that thought, others said Pathos 

I tried to associate Pathos with the last picture. I wasn’t sure what to do with the group picture so I thought I could try and invoke fear for the audience with the title. The title asks a questions that threatens them in a way and makes them question what the movie is about. I asked my group for any improvements and said they like the effect I added to it but the text looks out of place. They said that if I changed the colour and font of the text maybe it’d look like it’s part of the image rather than something that’s odd. When i asked them which word I associated with this they said pathos because for them the question I made as the title added this feeling of fear and made them feel unsettled.


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