21st of September: Finding out our logo and getting our assignments

In today’s lesson we found out which logo got the most votes which was Stanmore Visionaries. We were all pretty happy with the decision. After we found out what our logo will be we all got put into different groups and given our brief. I was supposed to be in the group that will be making the magazine, but me and another peer of mine got pulled to the side and were asked to focus on another brief only for the next 2 weeks and then we’ll be put back to the groups we were in. This brief was called ‘Inner Beauty Embrace’. We were asked to edit some interviews together of 12 individuals who do not allow their scars, burns or visual impairment limit their confidence. The interviews were already filmed, we just had to put it together. We looked through the footage we were provided and already had a lot of ideas about what we wanted to do, we were then given the organisers number, her name is Mani, and we contacted her to see when we could meet up and talk about what she wanted the videos to be like. We were able to get a hold of her the next day and met up with her after college to talk about the videos and what she wanted. We prepared some questions for her to see if the rough ideas we had so far was good. She then explained the mood she wanted the videos in, we noted it down, talked about the event which she would like us to attend, and explained to us when she wanted to show the videos. Once we had a rough idea of what she wanted, we immediately got to work the next day.


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