14th of September:  Logo’s  

In today’s lesson we all got put into groups and were told we have to find a name and design a logo for the media department in Stanmore. We had to come up with something that represent us and at the end of the lesson we all get to vote for the group that designed the best logo (the one we wanted to represent all of us as a whole).

My group came up with multiple names, but at first we decided to go with Chimera Studios. The definition of Chimera is ‘A thing which is hoped for but is illusory or impossible to achieve’. We liked the meaning behind it because we thought that our slogan could be something a long the lines of we can achieve anything, so after deciding on that we tried to make a logo. We tried to see if we could make a logo that relates to Chimera, because Chimera in Greek mythology is a lions head, a goats body, and a serpents tail. So we tried to incorporate that into the logo, but after trying to put a logo together and talking about it with our teachers, we realised that snakes have a negative connotation to it, so we looked at the other names we came up with and tried to see if we could make up a better logo. We then decided to go with the name ‘Paper and Pixels’, the name was to represent both the paper work and the technical work we did. We then made a simple logo for it.


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