14TH OF OCTOBER: Typography

Today we were working in pairs and got given a poster of a movie/documentary and were asked to write down different nouns and verbs we thought of when looking at the poster. Below is the poster we got given.

Out of this poster we got a few different nouns and verbs out of it. The nouns we got out of it were:










The Verbs we got was:





Once we got these words we were told to take 1 word from each category and make a title out of it. The title we got out of it was ‘Singing Death’.

Once we got the title we were asked to find a picture online and make a poster out of it. We were asked to focus on the texts that we were using because that’s what we were learning about. Because of the title we got I wanted to get an old middle eastern singer as the picture because that’s what I was thinking of when we were analysing the first poster. From the words we came up with (The verbs and nouns we got) we had to put together a title and then design a text for the title that will give people a message.


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