My Documentary Proposal

Working Title: Unknown
Topic: Syria
-How was it before?
-Before and after (historic places destroyed)
-Comparison (how do people who live there think of the situation compared to here?)
-Why I can’t go on holiday there
Type of documentary:
Deadline: 20th of february
Duration: 5-15minutes
Target Audience: Will be for anyone interested in what’s going on in Syria. The point of it will be to raise awareness to what’s going on there, so the goal is to be able to reach as many people as possible.
Primary Research needed:

-Potential interviews includes family members in syria via skype,
-People who are from or live in the countries around syria such as lebanon,
-People who are passionate about the subject and is trying to make a change,
-The public, i’d like to know the opinions from a lot of different people.
-I might also ask people in syria to film something for me so i can use it in my documentary, i might even use old family videos and pictures to show how syria was for my family, and how I viewed syria (from what I remember).

Secondary Research:

-History of syria and how it is came to be what it is today (Before and After pictures)
-Maybe some statistics on the rise of violence from 6 years ago till now.

Locations for filming:

-Central London to interview anyone who’s willing to talk about it.
-My house, filming my conversations with my family interviewing them.
-Meet up in some locations with people I know personally who would like to be interviewed.

Resource Requirement:

Summary: I want to make a documentary about Syria that gives people an idea of only some of the things that’s going on there and how people over there feel about it/view it, and compare it to how people over here feel about it/view it. I was thinking I could show people old home videos of How Syria was for me when I used to go there every year, and how it’s changed. What is the dangers of me going there now? Why is it dangerous? How is my family coping having to live with it? Those are the type of questions I’m thinking about exploring.


One Comment Add yours

  1. David Kline says:

    You gave a good presentation of your idea. I look forward to seeing the finished documentary


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